Skin Two Collection 3 by Murray and Vern

Skin Two Collection 3 by Murray and Vern

This is the best album of fetish fashion photography I have seen. In the ‘80s, Bob Carlos Clarke did some super images of rubber by Daniel James. I was a big fan of both of them (Bob was a good friend) but we tried to do better and - although I am admittedly biased - I think we did.


The photographer was Peter Ashworth, a lovely (and talented) guy who supported Skin Two when we started out. The fashion designers were Murray & Vern (that’s Angela Murray and Stuart Vern modelling on page 23). 


Even the props were fabulous - check out the spiky rubber sofa by Craig Morrison on page 3! We had that in our office for a while.


The Skin Two Collection 3 by Murray & Vern album sold for £7 back then and printed copies in good condition are rare now. I’m never selling mine.


I get sent lots of fetish fashion photography - every day, in fact - and most of it is just endless shots of pretty girls in rubber frocks. Boring and without style. I really should tell aspiring photographers to look at this album and learn what fetish style is all about. In fact, I think I will.



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