About Skin Two

How it Began

Skin Two started as a fetish club in a Soho basement in Autumn 1983. This was the first modern fetish club, a mix of creative types from the media world and just anyone who wanted a place for fetish people to go. Never a part of the cynical 'sex industry', Skin Two started a community which has grown ever since and spread around the world.

Skin Two Magazine

Skin Two magazine was founded in 1984, during a conversation at the club with the photographer Grace Lau, who wanted an arty, non-sexist showcase for her work and that of others. Having a background in publishing, I was volunteered to create the new magazine. Issue 1 had only 16 pages, in retro black-and-white. There were only 1,000 copies, which Suzy sold at the club – it's a collectors' item now! So then we thought we'd better do a second issue. Then a third…

We quickly found that fetishists worldwide had been waiting for something like this; a quality magazine, produced as a labour of love by fetish people for fetish people. Soon, I gave up my career in mainstream publishing. Over the years Skin Two magazine grew and now it's an international glossy publication, collected by fetish people worldwide.

We also produce the smaller LateXtra magazine, we made the film London Fetish Girls and we have published several books. All the publications are available as digital downloads for collectors and the new issues are available in printed form, which we still love.

Skin Two Clothing

Skin Two Clothing is produced for us under licence by Honour Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of fetishwear. There are two retail stores and a large warehouse stock for online mail order.


This is our own online store, where you can get Skin Two Magazine and LateXtra in printed form, shipped worldwide.

Everything we have published, from issue 1, is also available as a digital download. We also offer carefully selected books, magazines and DVDs that we think are good.

Tim Woodward, CEO, KFS Media Ltd

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