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KFS Media is owned and run by specialists in the field of alternative sexuality, with over 27 years experience producing stylish, top quality books and magazines, covering fetish, BDSM, transvestism, dominatrixes, erotic art, photography, fiction and features etc.

We share your enthusiasm for kinky sex and we treat every order with care. We welcome payment via Visa and Mastercard. If they are not convenient for you, please contact me for direct payment information, using the contact button at the top of this page. If you have any other queries, please also contact me personally and I will be glad to help.

Kinky internet TV! We also have our own internet TV channel and it's completely free of charge. You can view it on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC - almost anything connected to the web. For intelligent kinky content, view 250 programmes at https://kfstv.net/

Goliath kinky photo books. We now have these lovely photo books which you order directly from the publishers for shipping worldwide - add them to your private collection!

Troupe of Slaves: We now have the new large format paperback edition. Thisis unique and only available here - see below.

Our lovely book Skin Two Fetish Fashion has been re-issued at half the original price - only £15 for the printed version and £4.50 for the digital version

As well as the publications on ths page, check Skin Two Digital Magazines, Fetish eBooks and Skin Two eBooks on the left

All 66 Skin Two magazines are available in digital form - collect them!

f you have questions, email me any tme on tim@kfsmedia.com

We have Skin Two magazines in printed form - and downloads of the entire Skin Two back catalogue in PDF form. Read them on your iPad!

There are also some great DVDs - our own 'London Fetish Girls' and the classic 'Preaching to the Perverted' directed by Stuart Urban. Also, the new 'Ex-Dominatrix'. Get these for your collection.  

We can post tyour order to you anywhere in the world, or you can download a PDF or EPUB or MOBI to read on your iPad, Kindle, PC or Mac, etc. (For an explanation of these formats, click on the digital formats link at the bottom of the page.)

There are more new products on the way - to keep up to date, join our mailing list below. Don't worry - we never send spam and we never sell our mailing list.

Tim Woodward, CEO

* UK shipping is only 1p for packages up to 1kg !

Latest Products

The First Skin Two Rubber Ball
This is the original video of the world’s first big international fetish ball. Over 2,000 people from around the w…
Price: £9.95  
Kinky Bondage Obsession
     Do you have a kinky bondage obsession? If so, you will love this super photo bo…
Price: £24.99  
The History of Sexual Punishment in Pictures
Flogging, whipping and caning as punishment has been practised for centuries. Well, it was supposed to be puni…
Price: £24.99  
Dirty Rendezvous
Chas Ray Krider’s gorgeous collection of sex noir photography. Fabulous women posing behind closed doors in slick …
Price: £29.99  
History of German Porn
This is so German! A stunning collection from the Gretchen Kraut Archives gathers amazing vintage photos from the early …
Price: £16.99  
Strictly Bondage
Strctly Bondage, by Victor Lightworship, is a collection of 128 photographs of innocent (sort of) girls, helpless and ex…
Price: £24.95  
Private Pornography in the Third Reich
What happened behind closed doors of a nation whose regime broke all moral taboos? This is a look behind the curtains, w…
Price: £22.95  
Super Nylon Parade
Super Nylon Parade, with over 600 photos, is the ultimate super photo book for every fan of erotic women, often wea…
Price: £44.99  


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