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KFS Media is owned and run by specialists in the field of alternative sexuality, with over 27 years experience producing stylish, top quality books and magazines, covering fetish, BDSM, transvestism, dominatrixes, erotic art, photography, fiction and features etc. We share your enthusiasm for kinky sex and we treat every order with care. We welcome payment via Visa and Mastercard. If they are not convenient for you, please contact me for direct payment information, using the contact button at the bottom of this page. If you have any other queries, please also contact me personally and I will be glad to help.While the covid19 emergency is keeping us indoors, get digital downloads of Skin Two magazine and KFS magazine to keep you entertained. You can even get all 66 issues of the legendary Skin Two magazine in digital form. You get digital producs immediaely via our transfer channel, anywhere in the world - no waiting for the postman.If you have questions, email me any time on tim@kfsmedia.com Tim Woodward, CEO