Skin Two Magazine 56 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 56 - Digital Version

The striking cover of issue 56 is inspired by the haunting memory of Charlotte Rampling in “The Night Porter.” The magazine has perhaps the best collection of fiction we’ve published in one issue. Authors are Elizabeth Ambrose, Stella Black, Patrick Califia and Louise Malatesta – simply the best.


Join us at the White Club in Berlin, it’s a very private, invitation-only establishment where everything is white. Very decadent, very Berlin. The photos we can publish include a woman in white rubber in a huge white-tiled shower. We promised not to say what she did all over the well known fetish promoter in the shower, so we won’t mention that.


Join us at Salon Kitty’s in Sydney, one of the world’s top houses of domination. The story of what happened when a customer’s credit card was declined is one of our favourites – you couldn’t make it up!


Join us again at Fetish Factory in Florida, San Francisco Fetish Ball and Absolute Kink in Amsterdam.


Edward Anthony – another great writer – considers the relationships between SM, domestic discipline, love, romance and sex. 


The photography in issue 56 includes some lovely images of Kumi Monster modelling Vex rubber fashion from the USA and HW Design from Vienna. There’s also an homage to the late Bob Carlos Clarke by Emma Delves-Broughton, featuring rubber fashion from Libidex.

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