Skin Two Magazine 54 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 54 - Digital Version

 Skin Two 54 features an interesting article by Midori, the famous rope bondage expert, on why she finds printed erotica so much more powerful than online. Her words have been borne out by history – glossy magazines have found their niche alongside online media. We show you why, presenting selected art from Georgie Tier, sculpture by Mark Ricketts and photography by Hyperion.

Our columnist Walter reflects on the Araki exhibition in London, we look at the censorship problems faced by the notorious Insex website and Beverley Glick reviews the latest fetish media. All gathered together, with cool layout. The web is vital for information, of course – but it can’t provide authority and style like this.

This issue includes lovely photos by James Johnston of the famous Kink in the Caribbean event. Rubber in the pool, under the Jamaican sun!  Christine Kessler photographs the latest latex fashion from Syren of Los Angeles and Perry Gallagher shoots Caroline Aquino in striking colourful corsetry from Puimond. 


There’s a 26-page photo feature on the 2005 Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend and we join the Los Angeles Bondage Ball, New York’s Religious Sex and Bondage Hell in Essen. Ishmael Skyes (proprietor of The Firm, London’s fun discipline club) makes fun of the old male dominants who put on airs and graces around the BDSM scene. Can’t imagine who he’s thinking of.


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