Skin Two Magazine 53 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 53 - Digital Version

Skin Two 53 has a lovely photo of Kumi Monster on the cover; the issue features full-on latex fashion spreads from Breathless, Fierce Couture, Inner Sanctum and our own Skin Two Clothing – it’s a fetish fashion fest!


We meet Midori at London’s poshest sex shop. Coco de Mer, we consider the Marquis de Sade and his influence on modern SM, we look at the best of the crop of fetish books and DVDs, we go clubbing in Brighton, Denmark and Atlanta GA.


We report on FetishCon in Tampa FL, Italian photographer Paolo Frunzio shoots DeMask latex in outer space (sort of), and Jan Pelczynski explains kinky podcasting and visits London’s Kinkfest event. 


Artist Frank Pitt and writer Beverley Glick celebrate the goddess Ishtar - perhaps the original dominatrix. Want to know the reality of a fetish model’s life? Well, Kumi Monster describes her daily schedule on a hectic European tour – it’s not for the lazy or faint-hearted!


Did you know that celebrated fetish photographer Peter Felix Kurtz was shooting lesbians wrestling in custard before he discovered fetish fashion? It’s amazing what you can learn by reading Skin Two…


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