Skin Two Magazine 50 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 50 - Digital Version

Skin Two 50 was quite a cause for celebration – we never expected to publish fifty issues!  It took us twenty years to produce them and this issue has a roundup of those two decades. It reads like a history of the birth of a new sexual subculture –and that’s exactly what it was. We’re proud of the central role Skin Two played in pioneering and encouraging fetish culture around the world.


There’s a lot of talent in this issue, including rubber medical corsetry from HW Design, lovely hand made whips by Victor Tella (the best) and very cool t-shirts from Passarella Death Squad. The shirts combine BDSM images with provocative French slogans such as Je viens du Palais des péchés (‘I am from the Palace of sin’), L'attrait de ce que l'on dissimule (‘The allure of the hidden’) and Les salopes qui aiment (‘The sluts who love it’). You can see why we liked them.


Darenzia sifts through the good and the bad and the ugly fetish movies at CineKink NYC. There’s a 24-page photo feature on our own Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend. The star photographer in this issue is the fabulous Lukas Zpira, who reaches new creative heights with his model and muse, Satomi


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