Skin Two Magazine 26 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 26 - Digital Version

Skin Two 26 was a technology issue with a sci-fi twist, heavily influenced by our Contributing Editor and Online Manager, Lisa Sherman. 

The news section includes one of the sillier episodes of police bullshit – officers of the West Midlands Paedophile and Pornography Squad stole a Robert Mapplethorpe book from the library of the University of Central England in Birmingham. The University Vice Chancellor, Dr Peter Knight, stood up to them – good for him. (The book was published in the UK in 1992, is freely available, has been serialised in the ‘Independent on Sunday’ and is on the shelves of the British Library and also the Bodleian Library, Oxford.) Still makes you angry, doesn’t it! Remember, freedom has to be fought for constantly – the battle is never won.


OK, on with the description of this issue… We feature the new collections by House of Harlot, Karo Designs and JC Creations. Shawn Kelly peeks beneath the surface of Boston, Mass. We celebrate Trevor Watson’s first book, ‘Girls Behaving Badly’ – still a must for the collector of fetish photography. Another of our favourite photographers is Gérard Musy and his images of Paris fashion in blue are just lovely. Kevin Graves uses an old ironworks as an atmospheric fetish backdrop for his pictures.


Lisa Sherman edits a 21-page report on technology and the new flesh. In it, Mark Bennett explains xenomorphic fetishism, Amelia G interviews Circlet Press supremo Cecilia Tan, Michelle Olley talks to Gina Velour , the star of cult medico-sex film ‘The Operation’.


Needless to say we bring you photos from fetish parties across the UK, plus the B&D Ball in Cambridge Mass, Resurrection in New York, Sin-a-Matic in Los Angeles, Wasteland in Amsterdam, etc, etc…


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