Skin Two Magazine 66

Skin Two Magazine 66

Skin Two magazine issue 66 is the very last one we published.  Strong submissive women is our theme for this issue. Why should men have all the fun? We feature some lovely illustrations of submissive women by Sardax and hot female submissive art by Michelle Mildenhall and Michael Manning. 

There's plenty to read in this issue - including an extract from Thrill Seeker, the novel of female submission that’s so very much better than Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s also an interview with the author, the rather fabulous Kristina Lloyd. Even more, there’s a short story by Tiffany Reisz, called The Letter. If you like strong submissive women, you’ll love this.
We also interview Michaela van Es, the fetish marketing expert – another alpha woman! 
Of course, there’s lots of other stuff as well, including features on the coolest fetish events from Berlin, Detroit, London and the Caribbean. We cover the secret House of Shadows party in a fabulous Surrey mansion. There’s hot and classy photography from Trevor Watson and Troupe of Slaves. 
As usual, we also feature the most stylish fetish fashion from around the world in our 22-page Skin Two Fashion Section. Nobody pays to be in it, nobody gets a free ad, we don’t highlight our mates – it’s just the best fetish fashion in the world, that’s all.

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