Skin Two Magazine 03 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 03 - Digital Version
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The cover photo for Skin Two Magazine 3 was by the late Bob Carlos Clarke. I remember looking through photos on the floor of his lovely house in Fulham, while Bob and his wife Lindsey sorted out which to give me. Bob asked for nothing in return. He died in 2006 and I remember him very fondly.


There’s a feature on fetishism and fashion by Krystina Kitsis designer of Ectomorph, which a reader wrote in and described as 'polysyllabic claptrap.' Krystina was mortified, which I found hilarious. (Later, Krystina, her partner William and I ran a fetish night in an alley behind Charing Cross, at which she saved me from a serial killer, but that’s another story.)


At that time, Eric Stanton, the king of early American bondage illustration, occasionally visited London and we used to meet him at his hotel in Bloomsbury. There’s an interview with Eric in this issue.


We also interviewed the late, great John Sutcliffe, of Atomage. John was a pioneer of the UK fetish scene. A pilot with the Royal Air Force in World War 2 (his co-pilot was Freddie Laker), John then set up Atomage, supplying leather outfits for 'The Avengers' classic TV series and publishing fetish books and magazines. Police visited John, confiscating most of his stock and he was prosecuted for breaking the obscenity laws. I saw him soon afterwards and I’ve always had a felling that the case knocked the stuffing out of him, in some way contributing to his death soon afterwards. The censorship of safe, sane and consensual sexuality still makes me angry.


There’s some history in issue 3 of Skin Two.


Tim Woodward

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