The Best of Skin Two

The Best of Skin Two

 This is a real treasure - 194 pages of the very best articles from early editions of Skin Two magazine were gathered together for this edition, first published by Richard Kasak Books in New York. 


Legendary dominatrix Angel Stern (aka Terence Sellers) is interviewed by Michelle Olley. Michelle also interviews film Director Clive Barker about the sadomasochistic / fetish influence in his work – and she meets Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.


Eight of the world’s most influential dominant women consider “ the perfect mistress.” We look at the literary roots of BDSM culture. We talk to Cleo Ueblemann, director of the lesbian SM art film “Mano Destra.” We meet Tim Burton, director of “Batman” and “Edward Scissorhands.” 


Have you read “The Power Exchange” by Pat Califia? It’s the SM manifesto by the legendary San Francisco writer and polemicist – a great inspiration to us. Cliff Ashcroft considers the most delicious sexual emotion, shame. 


If you want something intelligent to read on BDSM, this is it. Published in book form at $12.95, The Best of Skin Two is now available as a PDF, to read on iPads and laptops etc, at only £3. If you’re going on holiday, put this on your iPad for the flight!

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