Skin Two Magazine 61 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 61 - Digital Version

Issue 61 of Skin Two magazine features the star of the moment, Katy Perry in latex on the cover. Inside, see Lady Gaga wearing red latex to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth(!) See the fetish look on Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera… and, er, Russell Brand – all of them in rubber.


Issue 61 features gorgeous latex fashion from Atsuko Kudo, who recently dressed Lady Gaga and stormed the Lingerie New York show. You’ll find the most beautiful shoes from ainsley-t of Milan – photographed in a way you won’t have seen before. (They have butt plugs for heels.)


There’s slinky stretchy sexy fetish fashion by Patrice Catanzaro of France. There‘s a unique fashion story from Oliver Harud, featuring manga-style illustrations of fantasy girls in rubber, against a backdrop of London nightlife. The other-worldly corsets from AMF of Germany are just amazing – there’s page after page of the very latest and coolest fetish fashion in the new Skin Two.


It’s not all fashion, though – there’s a seven page in-depth interview with lesbian erotic film maker Maria Beatty, by Julia Collings. There’s Tessa Ditner on corsets for men. We interview the fabulous Kim West from London, Louis from AMF in Berlin – and Laura from Vex in Chicago…

There are photo reports from the world’s major fetish events in London, Montreal, Miami, San Francisco and Hamburg. Jackson Rocco braves Club RUB and Torture Garden. Kitty von Yum Cha reports from the hot women’s fetish club, Pussy Control. If you can’t get there in person, you can read all about it in Skin Two – and see the pictures.


Thsi is the digital version - it's in PDF format, which you can read on any PC or Mac. You can even print it out - whether the entire magazione or just a few selected pages at as time, as you like

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