Skin Two Magazine 57 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 57 - Digital Version

 Skin Two issue 57 has a striking red and black cover – a pastiche of a classic Allen Jones image. That’s not the only striking thing about the cover though; a jewish member of our team commented that it was the first time she had seen the words Nazi, 'Degenerate', 'Kinky' and 'Jews' together on the cover of a magazine. 

Claudia Andrei examines the illicit power of degenerate imagery and Louise Bolotin reports on America’s pervy Jewish community. Who knew…

We bring you the photos from Montreal Fetish Weekend, San Fancisco’s Folsom Street Fair, Secret Room in Atlanta and Kink in the Caribbean. 


Dr Oliver Dahin of Berlin considers the unique power of classical music in fetish film. If you think Lou Reed is dungeon music, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Dr Jenny Barrett exposes the cynical way mainstream media exploit fetish imagery.


We think fetish and BDSM can be too serious too often - so there’s a hilarious short story in issue 57 by the excellent Martin Millar, the PG Wodehouse of pervery.


Really classy photography is our speciality and we bring you a six-page portfolio of beautiful, powerful images by Gerard Musy of Paris - an homage to the great artist Allen Jones.


We present the Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend in a unique way - the photos from all the events are accompanied by a diary from a US visitor, our San Francisco correspondent, Zille Defeu. It’s fun to see the events through her eyes - we really must do that again. (The photos are great, too.)


Right at the back, don’t miss the lovely femdom illustration by Sardax - the best there is.



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