Skin Two Magazine 55 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 55 - Digital Version

The cover of Skin Two 55 features a model on a red latex sheet, wearing red rubber stockings, with a shower of M&Ms cascading over her. It was shot in Paris by Gerard Musy and it’s fabulous. (For those who are unfamiliar, M&Ms are a type of shiny sweets, formerly known in the UK as 'Smarties' - very appropriate.)


We had a section called ‘Cream’ back then, which worked well - maybe we should bring it back. Cream was a brief roundup of really good work in the fetish genre from around the world. In this issue, we feature fashion by Yyungfuktoi and photography from Noel Graydon and Lex Hulscher


London photographer Peter Felix Kurtz introduces his Eric Stanton project and we visit Hades fetish club. We also report - with photos, of course - on Hollywood’s Miss Kitty’s and Bar Sinister.


Fetish fashion features include Libidex of London, Lust Designs from San Francisco, Katja Ehrhardt of Hamburg and medical fantasy from Northbound of Toronto. 


There’s more super photography from Paige White and Martin Rafael Class and a report from James Johnston on the use of fetish by major porno industry players in Las Vegas. (The porno guys just never really get it, do they!)


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