Skin Two Magazine 45 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 45 - Digital Version

Skin Two 45 features something we have not seen before or since – the most upfront perky fashion house, DeMask, photograph an entire catalogue of extreme fetishwear using Europe’s top dominatrixes as models. What a great idea – and only DeMask’s Steve English could pull it off.


We meet Christine Kessler, LA’s prolific webmistress and photographer. We visit Sh!, still London’s only women-only sex shop, where men are only allowed in if accompanied by a woman. (Another great idea!)


Our roundup of talent brings you photography by Jeremy MF Thompson, catsuits by Imp of Satan and lingerie by Viva Rebecca. We look at the uncut Maitresse DVD (meaning it includes that scene with the needles - aaargh!). 


Chryssa Kanellakis-Reimer looks at fetish cabaret, Emma Delves-Broughton photographs latex fashion by Stephen Fuller, Guy Baker shoots London’s latex queen, Pigalle, and Inner Sanctum rubber bondage goes outer space.  There’s even more fetish photography from Rudy Meyers, Martin Pelzer ad Chris Lambertsen, plus digital art from Tsubasa.


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