Skin Two Magazine 43 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 43 - Digital Version

In Skin Two 43, Stephen Fuller, the man who dressed Kylie Minogue in rubber, gives us an exclusive preview of his new Bondinage latex collection, photographed by James & James, modelled by Emily Marilyn.


There’s a portfolio of Guido Argentini’s photography – check the striking cover image to get a taste. Emma Delves-Broughton photographs the hottest rubber catsuits from the top UK designers and Alwyn R Coates shoots Vollers corsets.


Chryssa Kanellakis-Reimer looks at the state of London fetish clubbing twenty years after Skin Two started it all. We feature the bizarre fantasyland of The Other World Kingdom – supposedly a world deep in the Czech Republic, ruled by dominant women, where all men are slaves…


We bring you BondCon in Las Vegas, the Austrian Leather Ball, Germany’s Fetish Emotions and Wicked from London. There’s digital art, fetish models Esmé and Courtney Cruz and more.

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