Skin Two Magazine 22 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 22 - Digital Version

The cover of Skin Two 22 features the lovely Julie Graham, actor and star of television car ads, who became very successful, appearing with Martin Clunes in ‘William & Mary’ and ‘Doc Martin’ as well as in ‘The Bill’ and films including ‘Nuns on the Run’ with Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle. Julie was a great sport, acting as MC at the Skin Two Rubber Ball and helping raise money for our favourite charity, CRUSAID. (She looked rather good in red rubber, too.) 

We review the excellent mainstream, cinema-release movie in the fetish genre, Preaching to the Perverted’ (still selling well on DVD, incidentally!) Michelle Olley talks to the Director, Stuart Urban. Lisa Sherman talks to the star, Guinevere Turner.


We look at the relationship between fairy tales and SM fantasy, starting with visit to photographer Housk Randall and artists Linda Brodie’s Ice Queen castle. Patrick Califia re-tells the Red Riding Hood fantasy exclusively for Skin Two. Artists Jon Blake creates an erotic twilight world, where a young lady’s fancy turns to wolf. 


Trevor Watson, the star fetish photographer, photographs his favourite model and muse, Debbie Griffin, in rubber. 


We take you with us to all the best best parties in the UK, Holland and USA – be our guest…


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