Skin Two Magazine 21 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 21 - Digital Version

Skin Two 21 has one of the best covers ever – Debbie Griffin, photographed by Trevor Watson, in rubber with a head harness and ball gag, glaring fiercely out at you. Still fabulous.

The issue has a 24-page special feature on ‘Women Who Dare’ - fierce, strong, submissive women who know what they want and know how to get it. We had long gone past the beginner's mistake of assuming that the sexually submissive were submissive in general terms. 


Lisa Sherman salutes the women who demand to be told what to do. There are more great photos of Debbie Griffin by Trevor Watson – his work has yet to be matched. Four leading female writers and artists give us an insight into the mind of the minx. We present the corset collection from female-owned Stormy Leather fashion from San Francisco. 


In this issue, Rebekah Wood travels to Paris to meet Gilles Berquet, the master of dark SM images featuring sub women doing what they do and loving it. We also meet Susi Medusa Gottardi, Italy’s fiercest female fetish artist.


We visit Westward Bound in the UK, Fetish Fashion in Copenhagen, Temple of Madness in Zurich and Los Angeles Fetish Ball. We introduce some hot books and the latest fetish talent from around the world. There’s even a photo story from the Kinky Club of Finland.


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