Skin Two Magazine 18 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 18 - Digital Version

California, here we come. Skin Two 18 is a celebration of California in all it's pervy glory. On the cover, there’s a blonde in pink rubber, leaning on a corvette. (Corny, us?)  Inside, our editor Tim Woodward leads you on a 34-page tour, including nightlife and shopping in San Francisco, fashion designer Catherine Coatney and dinner with filmmaker Debbie Jaffe. 

Not to mention meetings with writers Pat Califia and David Aaron Clark, artist Michael Mannning and tea with the fabulous sex educator Dr Carol Queen. In Los Angeles, we go kinky shopping (again), we party at LA Fetish Ball and we meet photographers Lyn Gaza, Justice Howard, Dean Karr, Klaus Lucka and Richard Morrell. We actually won an award for the California issue and we have still a brass plaque thing to prove it. 


We also feature parties from Ibiza and London, watersports fetish fashion (meaning it’s shot by a pool, OK) and a photo celebration of five years of Torture Garden, shot by Jeremy Chaplin. Dr Carol Queen examines the pleasures and politics of spanking. Edward Anthony – a great writer in this genre – considers flagellation. There’s some lovely photography by Nicholas Sinclair. 

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