Skin Two Magazine 17 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 17 - Digital Version

In Skin Two 17, cover photographer Peter Ashworth pays homage to the great artist Allen Jones, reworking his classic fetish images with a modern twist in a six-page feature. Ben Westwood photographs his own retro lingerie line and Doris Kloster shoots the Versatile Fashions wetlook range.


Sebastian Blockley gets his teeth into the SM imagery in the classic Dracula tale. Mistress Angel Stern considers the trials and tribulations of the BDSM ingenue. Cliff Ashcroft finds that erotic pain is good for the soul and David Aaron Clark recounts his own journey into submissive self-discovery.


We bring you the highly original creative art by Julian Murphy, Michelle Olley meets  lipstick lesbian band Fem2Fem and we party the pervy night away at all the best clubs, including Europerve, Fantastic! and Rubber Nipple 


This was a time when our ‘Guidelines’ reference section was published in the magazine (it’s online now) and you can browse the listings of worldwide fetish resources. Some of them are still going strong!

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