Skin Two Magazine 15 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 15 - Digital Version

Skin Two 15 has a 15-page feature on high heels and stockings, including some great, super-stylish photos by Kevin Davies.  

Rebekah Wood meets the colourful – and influential – French artists Pierre & Gilles. Michelle Olley meets ace shoemaker Terry de Havliand, then who sold stilettos to Jackie Onassis at his Kings Road shop, 'Cobblers to the World’.


We take a tour of kinky Chicago, meeting photographer Steve Diet Goedde. Doris Kloster shoots the Manhattan Meatpackers – muscle boys in high heels. Gerard Musy shoots our own Skin Two fashion range in Paris.


One of the best articles we have published is in this issue; Dr Nina Taunton explains that Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’ is far from a sexist putdown of women – it is in fact a touching love story, played out in SM terms. It’s obvious once you know and Dr Taunton will open your eyes.


Jeremy Chaplin, aka ‘Cadaver’, photographs London’s colourful Fantastic! club. There’s a talent review, featuring fifteen bright fetish stars, and we take you to all the best international pervy clubs, including Mineshaft, Temple of Obedience, Torture Garden, Exzentric, etc.


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