Skin Two Magazine 09 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 09 - Digital Version

Behind the leather corseted torso on the cover of Skin Two issue 9, there’s more fetish history. We announce our own Skin Two Showroom, a big retail space in a warehouse building in Ladbroke Grove. We were there for six years. Fun was had and we even sold a few rubber outfits. 

We present our own fashion collection, photographed by Trevor Watson around the streets of North Kensington. Grace Lau’s photos capture portraits of pervy people. There’s a strip cartoon by Melinda Gebbie, who later produced the iconic ‘Lost Girls’ with Alan Moore.


Jungian analyst David Holt examines taste, ritual and he relationship of sado-masochism to society. Cliff Ashcroft looks as recent literature with SM themes. Stephanie Jones takes a straight-laced look at corsetry, photographed by Trevor Watson (the cover image is taken from this feature).


Finally, our big ‘Guidelines’ reference section lists every fetish resource around the world that we can find, from kinky clubs in New York to obscure publishers to suppliers of bondage apparatus of all kinds...


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