Skin Two Magazine 05 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 05 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 5 had our first colour cover! After much discussion about the classy, pervy look of black-and-white, we printed the cover of issue 5 in subtle colours around a pair of shiny rubber-gloved hands. We were still pretty much wedded to monochrome then.


There was some lovely photography by Bob Carlos Clarke of rubber fashion by Daniel James. These two did more than anyone to lift rubber out of the closet and onto the catwalk. Our news section heralded the film 'Personal Services', about the famous Madam, Cynthia Payne. She was a nice lady who organised spanking (and sex) parties at her house in Streatham and was convicted for it – while the identities of her eminent customers were never revealed… 


This issue was published just after our first big public party, at The Embassy in Bond Street. The event feared probably the world’s first really stylish public fetish fashion show. I thought the press would panic at the 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me' section of the show, but we got a full page write-up in the 'Guardian'. Daniel James was not too pleased to see the Ectomorph designs, which looked an awful lot like his pioneering rubber fashion.


There’s an early photo of Master Keith, pulled along the Kent lanes by pony girl Sue. She’s wearing very little, apart from stockings and heels – she nearly caused several traffic accidents while Tim Woodward took the photos. Keith went on to run a series of London BDSM clubs; he’s an SM celebrity now.


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