Skin Two Magazine 04 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 04 - Digital Version

We were up to 32 pages by the time we got to Skin Two issue 4. The cover features a lovely photo of the designer Kim West, taken by Kevin Davies. Kim still makes latex fashion and she looks great. 


We meet Clive Duncan, Head of Sculpture at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts in London and consider his striking use of fetish imagery mixed with chess moves, portraying human power struggles.


An early foray to the Midlands was great fun – we were we there for the city’s first 'Dress for Sex' house and garden party. There’s a feature on transsexuality and transvestism by Karen Cunningham. Grace Lau’s photography includes a shot of the lovely Tina Williams, in fishnet and stilettos, being bundled into the boot of Tim Woodward's old Daimler, deep in Epping Forest. Another Sunday afternoon...


Clubbing pages include listings for the old Hellfire Club in New York and an early photo of Steve Beech at his Der Putsch club – a London fixture at the time. There’s some rather good fiction by Martin Stevens – a far cry from the usual wank fantasy nonsense you get in porno mags.


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