Skin Two Magazine 01 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine 01 - Digital Version

Skin Two Magazine issue 1. This is where it all started – in a Soho basement in 1984. I had read about the Skin Two club in the London Evening Standard and gone there with my friend Julie – I was too nervous to go alone. We had a great time – it was quite an eye-opener!


After a few weeks, I met a photographer called Grace Lau and together we produced a little 16-page fanzine. 


Skin Twi Magazine was produced by fetishists, for fetishists and there was nothing else like it. We only printed 1,000 copies and my girlfriend Suzy sold them at the club. (That’s her on the bottom of page 12.) 


There’s an interview with Daniel James, who pioneered the use of rubber in fashion. The guide to clothing suppliers features several who are still in business today and the guy whose bound hands feature on the cover now runs a dungeon in Hackney!


We only did it for fun – we had no idea what we had started…


Tim Woodward

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