Skin Two Blindfold

Skin Two Blindfold
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One of the most useful toys is the blindfold. In a moment, you can be unable to see what’s happening to you. Your lover ties your wrists and ankles to the bed and you are helpless. You can’t see what they are going to do. You wait in anticipation. You are literally in the dark, listening for every sound, trying to guess what’s going to happen…

Trouble is, just about every blindfold you can buy doesn’t work very well. Many blindfolds don’t adjust to comfortably fit the size and shape of everyone’s face. 
In most cases, if you tilt your head back, you can often see a little bit – especially if you squint down the sides of your nose. That’s no good!
Most blindfolds press onto your eyeballs. You can’t open your eyes, you can’t blink and they irritate your eyelashes. That’s really annoying after a minute or two.
We must have bought dozens of blindfolds over the years and these problems really spoil the fun. However, the SKIN TWO Blindfold fits everyone comfortably. You really can’t see a thing, no matter how hard you try to peep.
Best of all, you can open your eyes wide, you can blink – it’s very comfortable, even for long periods.

What makes the SKIN TWO Blindfold different? The secret is a layer of foam that lets the blindfold shape itself to comfortably fit anyone. The foam keeps the blindfold slightly away from your eyes, so you can open them and be comfortable. It works really well – we love ours!
Don't forget to peel off the protective plastic coating when you get yours
The SKIN TWO Blindfold is a simple piece of equipment that you will
 use and use again. Originally sold for £15 - now REDUCED TO £8.99  and we ship worldwide...
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