Private Pornography in the Third Reich

Private Pornography in the Third Reich

What happened behind closed doors of a nation whose regime broke all moral taboos? This is a look behind the curtains, where kinky sexuality blossomed in private – especially if you belonged to the powers that ruled. Orgies in Obersalzberg. Excesses in the highest Nazi offices. Porn productions for foreign currency. Twilight bars serving the Gestapo. Diplomats and generals whispering state secrets into silk cushions between the thighs of loyal prostitutes.

Private Pornography in the Third Reich contains over three hundred photos, privately captured or traded during the Third Reich, mostly arising from the Hans von Bockhain collection, from this era of strict public censorship while their decadent leaders were the most depraved. Plus ca change…

Size/Format: 4.5” x 7” – 11 x 18 cm. 330 Photographs. 224 Pages. Hardcover

Text in English, German, Français, Español, Italiano

US$ 34.95 - £ 22.95 - Euro 24.90, plus shipping

Publisher: GOLIATH


ISBN: 978-3-936709-64-3

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Price: £22.95

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