Dirty Rendezvous

Dirty Rendezvous

Chas Ray Krider’s gorgeous collection of sex noir photography. Fabulous women posing behind closed doors in slick retro setting... dirty and arty.

Everything is meticulously staged. Krider’s images deliver mysteriously erotic atmospheres. In combination with their typically sixties interiors, they evoke the classic ethos of film noir from the same era; alluring and constricting at the same time. They could be part of a film, paused and briefly interrupted, waiting for the viewer to press the play button to allow them to continue. 

Together with the deep shagpile carpets and the enormous table lamps scattered all over the place, the surreal atmospheres which unfold could have been lifted straight from a David Lynch movie.  

Size: 7” x 10“ / 17.5 x 25.5 cm

210 Photographs. 192 Pages. Hardcover

Text in English, German, Français, Español, Italiano

US$ 49.95 - £ 29,99 - Euro 39,90 plus shipping

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN: 978-3-936709-65-0

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Price: £29.99

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