Lustre Fetish Nights by Gerard Musy

Lustre Fetish Nights by Gerard Musy

Lustre Fetish Nights, by Gerard Musy

This is the most sophisticated and elegant album of stunning fetish images, by the award-winning Paris fashion photographer Gerard Musy. Musy's refined monochrome pictures capture the intimate nocturnal world of fetish society, hinting at hidden truths and revealing dark scenes and close-ups, fragmentary glimpses of erotic encounters, feeding our imagination.

 A long, sleek leg, encased in black silk stockings. A tightly laced cinched and corseted waist. The sheen of latex on velvet skin. An extended foot in a gleaming stiletto shoe. Musy's powerful images take you directly to the private intimate moment in an underground club in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Geneva, Rome and London.

Musy is no detached observer, but closely involved with the fetish scene, giving his images the authority and understanding of the insider – and participant. As a leading Paris fashion photographer by day, his private fetish work is far above ordinary fetish photos.

This album was originally published in a printed book, limited to only 1,000 copies, with a foreword by William A Ewing, with a DVD slideshow to an original music score, wrapped in a latex sleeve, at 45 Euro + shipping! This is the first time that a PDF download of the 30-page album has been available at an affordable price for collectors. 

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