Corporal Punishment - digital version

Corporal Punishment - digital version

The Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment is a delightful introduction to every aspect of erotic corporal punishment, written by the charming and very expert Lucy Bailey.

This lovely book is perfect for the beginner. If your partner finds the idea of erotic coporal punishment a bit scary, this is just what you need. It starts off with a guide to gentle hand spanking, including basic technique, how to warm up and ten really valuable tips to make sure the victim really enjoys it. Lucy provides a really valuable guide to making sure that a CP virgin has a good time and longs to come back for more.


The various types of punishment implements are explained carefully. Did you know how to choose a riding crop? Get it right and everything will be fine. Get it wrong and the whole thing will be a disaster! What exactly is the difference between a masochist and a submissive/? If you want to give your partner a good time, you need to fully understand this stuff and keep it in mind. Role play is important for many. You need to understand what is happening in your partner’s head. Lucy Bailey takes you through how to communicate and set up a “scene” that will be exciting, safe and fulfilling. Lucy discusses dressing up to play, playing in public, outdoors, keeping a punishment book – and more.


Floggers, tawses, canes, paddles, how to handle a whip safely, what to look for when you buy these things; all this is covered fully. Safety is vital. If you plan to use a cane or a whip on the person you love, you really need to learn what you’re doing. There’s a wealth of knowledge in this little book. It’s presented clearly and simply. If you are thinking of introducing corporal punishment into your love life, it is absolutely essential.


Illustrated by Jose Maqueros. 72 pages, 115 x 210 mm


You get a zip file containing PDF, ePub and mobi, for only £3.99 - so you can view the book on almost any device. The PDF is super, but quite a large file, so it's best for a computer. The ePub is great for almost any other deivice. The mobi is just for your kindle.  Why not put Lucy's book onto all your devices and read it anywhere!

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