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eBooks are just great - you can download them in a few moments to your laptop, iPad, tablet, PC or Mac, etc - even to your smartphone.

I read them on the train and tube all the time - it really helps the journey seem shorter. We're building up a carefully selected library, starting with the famous Marketplace series of four novels by one of the world's top BDSM authors, Laura Antoniou.

There's also a highly recommended selection of short stories in Master Han's Daughter, by the legendary bondage expert, author, photographer and sex educator, Midori, not to mention Lustre,  a super photography book by Gerard Musy.

eBooks  are available in various formats, such as ePub, PDF and mobi - some are even available as a zip file with all three, so you can read your books on your laptop and iPad and smartphone!

We're working on more additions to our eBook library - watch this space...


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Lustre Fetish Nights by Gerard Musy
Lustre Fetish Nights, by Gerard Musy This is the most sophisticated and elegant album of stunning fetish images, b…
Price: £3.90
Master Han's Daughter
Tales of Depraved NeoTokyo Download a sample of this book here Enter a futuristic Tokyo, where sex and desire are as s…
Price: £3.90
The Marketplace
 Book 1 of the famous Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou Download a free sample here The Marketplace is Laura A…
Price: £5.99
The Slave
The Slave is the second book in Laura Antoniou's contemporary BDSM classic series about The Marketplace.   Do…
Price: £5.99
The Trainer
The Trainer is the third book in Laura Antoniou's The Marketplace series   Download a free sample here  …
Price: £5.99
The Academy
The Academy is the fourth book in the famous Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou Download a free sample here The stor…
Price: £5.99
Corporal Punishment - digital version
The Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment is a delightful introduction to every aspect of erotic corpor…
Price: £3.99


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