Troupe of Slaves

Troupe of Slaves

Troupe of Slaves is a very private group of friends, led by Old Master with his muse Skinny, based in a loft apartment in one of London’s coolest areas. Old Master choreographs these lovely photos, taken with a simple tablet, mostly using natural light, depicting intriguing kinky scenarios, acted out purely for fun.


Having published Skin Two magazine for many years, as well as other magazines and books, I have a few stories to tell and I’ve met some memorable people. My membership  of the Troupe of Slaves is right up there and I’m really happy to say that I now have the second edition, a large format paperback, available for sale.


The Troupe of Slaves album has 166 pages, A4 size, featuring 67 images, all taken in that loft apartment. The main photo shows a few of the Troupe as shocked onlookers, peering over Skinny’s shoulder as she enjoys the book. She is naked, apart from her high heels and glasses. Oh my goodness…


Anyway, the other photos are a small selection from the book. Click on the first one and scroll through them. This is something special.


My copy will never be for sale, but you can buy your own and we will ship it anywhere in the world.


If you are ordering from the USA, please email to to arrange safe and fast shipping by air courier

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