Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

Kristina Lloyd gave a reading from her new novel, Thrill Seeker, at Brighton Fetish Weekend. I had been about to slip out for a coffee, but something made me stay for a minute. Very quickly, I was hooked; the book is terrific. Just had to buy a copy there and then.

Inside the cover, it says “Kristina Lloyd writes erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side.” Yes please! Of course, anyone can say that, but so much BDSM fiction is just the same old sex-with-handcuffs stuff. Not this, though. Don't be put off by the corny title; Thrill Seeker is succeeds in spades everywhere that 50 Shades of Grey fails so badly.

Firstly, the BDSM sex is compelling – and written with real insight into how the thinking submissive's mind works. Secondly, it's a proper novel. It's literary, it's believable and it's full of emotional twists and turns, as the central character wrestles with her powerful submissive sexuality, love and her feelings for the men in her life.

Thrill Seeker blends BDSM sexuality with the realities of emotional life in a way that's strikingly familiar to anyone trying to find their way through the vagaries of BDSM sex and love. It's superbly horny, it's deeply kinky, a great read and a page-turner - you really want to know what happens next!

If you loved the idea of 50 Shades of Grey, but found that it's actually a rather crap book, you must read Thrill Seeker. It will restore your faith in BDSM literature. 

Thrill Seeker includes a bonus short story; Forbidden, by SM Taylor – the winning entry in the Black Lace / YOU magazine short story compeition.

Paperback, 327 pages, 125 x 197 mm. Published by Black Lace, an imprint of Ebury Publishing

Price: £7.99

Code: THRF7KH113


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