The Queen of the Grove hardback book

The Queen of the Grove hardback book
The Queen of the Grove is a beautiful 164-page hardcover book of female dominaton. An original collection of short stories by the late Louse Malatesta, the Mistress of elegant discipline of the subservient male. 
This is an homage to the Disciplinary Woman – mother, stepmother, schoolmistress, governess and nanny – whose excercise of physical authority over the male haunts our sexual imagination. 
Louse Malatesta introduces us to 'Eleanor's System', by which The Honourable Gerald Barrymore MP is sent upstairs by his wife, to wait for the lash. Belinda, Coral and Felicity decide that that the birch is best to teach a lesson to unruly boys. In faraway China, the beautiful Kao-li uses the dragon whip of Szechuan. In the English countryside, trousers are taken down and Aunt Jenny teaches George to do as he's told...
There are illustrations and page furniture - again, all original - by the greatest femdom artist of all, Sardax. 
The Queen of the Grove is femdom erotic fiction for the connoisseur, beautifully printed, casebound with dustjacket 
Originally published at £12.95, I have a few new copies reduced to £9.95

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