The Killer Wore Leather

The Killer Wore Leather

In the Grand Sterling Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, last year's Mister Global Leather winner, Mack Steel, lies dead on the floor of his suite. He is wearing only very frilly, bright yellow knickers. 

Enter Detective Rebecca Feldblum of Midtown East Precinct. Shocked, amazed and alternately puzzled and amused, Detective Feldblum must navigate a world of doms and subs, masters and mistresses, pups and trainers, leather, latex and lingerie, to discover who murdered the late Mack Steel.

In the process, Feldblum will discover more of the sexual underworld than she ever imagined...

A deliciously tongue-in-cheek murder mystery by top erotic author Laura Antoniou, The Killer Wore Leather brings biting humour to the inner world of BDSM personalities.

"The Killer Wore Leather" comes just in the nick of time for me. Fifty Shades of Grey stopped being funny around page 54, so thank you Laura for giving me something to make me laugh!" - Kate Kingsley, author of Red.

Cleis Press, 416 pages, paperback, 14 x 20.3 cm

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