Skin Two Fetish Fashion - Large Format Paperback Version

Skin Two Fetish Fashion - Large Format Paperback Version

 Having published Skin Two magazine for many years, I have seen the cream of international fetish fashion photography, working with the world's top designers and photographers - and now I have gathered it all together in this new book. Skin Two Fetish Fashion is a lavish album of 116 glorious fetish fashion images. It is, quite simply, the best of the best. 

Every photograph is reproduced at least full page size – some across two pages. The designers and photographers are from around the world – the UK, USA, Europe, Australia - you name it. These are the people who took fetish style from the seedy porno mag to the fashion catwalk. At Skin Two, we were with them all the way.

We first published Skin Two Fetish Fashion as a digital book for your iPad or laptop etc and that's still available. But this is is something special – a large A4 format "coffee table" book, printed on heavy art paper. It's the real thing! Fetish designers featured include Bondinage, Libidex, Syren, Ectomorph, HMS Latex, Mademoiselle Ilo, Skin Two and many more. The photographers are the fetish world's best.

If you love fetish fashion, this is THE definitive collection of fabulous images. There are 116 pages, A4 size – in full colour of course.  Large format paperback, printed on heavy art paper. Something to collect and treasure.


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