Skin Tight. The Art of Marcus Gray

Skin Tight. The Art of Marcus Gray

Thirty-something Glaswegian artist Marcus Gray says...

What can I say, I adore women. Every day I feel blessed to look on the female form and my appreciation of what I find beautiful furthers with time. What I paint is not through any real conscious design, it's simply what I like to look at. The synergy of the contrasts, the hard look of rubber against pale skin.

There's a quest for me in every picture. I am forever looking for that one perfect painting. It has to be incredibly sensual, devastatingly beautiful and perfectly realised. My goal seems tantalisingly out of reach. I may get there one day.

Good eroticism does not just deal with our base instinct, it's much more than that. There's a myriad of other senses and emotions at play. Subtle sensuality of the mind - or just an excuse for me to draw lots of scantily clad ladies? You decide...

SQ Publications Inc. 48 pages,  225 x 300 mm, illustrated in colour throughout



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