Sensuous Magic

Sensuous Magic

Sensuous Magic

by Patrick Califia


A guide to SM for adventurous couples, this is the updated, revised and expanded new edition of the classic SM reference book, by the greatest author on the subject, Patrick Califia. 


During the years when I published Skin Two magazine, the writer I was proudest to publish was Patrick and I’m really pleased that he has  produced this new edition. Sensuous Magic tells you everything you need to know about SM – and it’s beautifully written, full of wisdom and good humour.


There’s guidance on…


Introducing bondage, spanking and other SM stuff into your relationship.


Bondage safety and techniques.


Edge play and SM psychology.


How to establish and maintain a hot and loving SM relationship.


This is illustrated with some short hot fiction - and nobody writes hot SM fiction like Patrick.


If you read only one guide to SM sex, read this.


Cleis Press, USA. Paperback, 152 x 229 mm. 220 pages.


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