Sensual Distress 1 The Art of Steve Reno

Sensual Distress 1 The Art of Steve Reno

Getting real flesh-and-blood girls to put up with awkward positions and too-tight ropes can get tiresome and - in some states - arresting! But when all you are using is a number 2 pencil and some truly inspired cunning, nobody gets uncomfortable and everyone has fun.

At least that's the MO that bondage artist Steve O Reno uses when sketching out his nefarious scenes of erotic discomfort - which he likes to call "Sensual Distress." Steve's ladies are cute, well endowed and built tough. It may just be lines on paper, but this is an artist who creates truly beautiful fetish fantasy.

The first collection of Steve Reno's work is sure to keep you begging for more.

SQ Publications Inc. 64 pages, 215 x 280 mm. Black & white illustrated. 

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