How to Make Latex Clothes

How to Make Latex Clothes
Latex Jim has been making rubber clothes for many years. He has won a few prizes and starred as a catwalk model at latex fashion shows in London and Berlin. Jim was General Manager at Libidex, owners of the stylish Liberation latex fashion shop in Covent Garden and suppliers of Radical Rubber latex sheeting for clothing manufacture.
Not many people now as much as Latex Jim about making rubber clothes. Jim now runs workshops for people wanting to learn how to make their own outfits. Not everyone can get to his classes in London, hence this really useful new book…
In How to Make Latex Clothes, Jim takes you through everything you need to know. from preparation, what tools and materials you need, glueing. making a seam, stress points and how to strengthen them, pleats & ruffles, pattern making, adding buttons & zips, repairs – the lot.
With How to Make Latex Clothes, you can get something that fits, something unique to you and something better made than some of the cheaper items available on the web. You’ll get real satisfaction from wearing something you made yourself. 
And, if you fancy putting a lighting flash on your back, or a zip in a particular place, no problem!
This book is a really useful way to learn – you can refer to it time and again. It’s essential for reference and, being a strongly made hardback, it will last for ages. Making latex clothes is fun and saves money – this book makes it easy.

118 pages, hardcover, 25.5 x 20 x 1.5 cm 

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