Fleurs du Mal

Fleurs du Mal

Fleurs du Mal is a lovely hardback book of beautiful and dangerous images from Torture Garden, the World’s largest fetish club, by Bobette, doyen of fetish scene photographers. 

A collection of over 200 photos taken between 2003 and 2007 at the legendary Torture Garden, this book is a unique record made by an real insider. Bobette has an intimate rapport with TG clubbers and himself runs Club Subversion, together with Mistress Absolute.


Whether you have been to TG and would like a really nice souvenir, or whether you wish you had been, this book captures a really special time of individual style and sexual freedom that may or may not ever come again. A real slice of fetish history!


110 pages, attractive landscape format, 185 x 257 mm

Price: £20.00

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