Fetish Books

Here you will find the very best books on fetish, by the world's best writers. These are essentials for your private collection - books you will come back to again and again.

Dark Rising by Aly fell is a lovely fetish art book.

How to be Kinkier is something special - a big guide to kinky sex, written with authority and good humour. 

The Ultimate Guide to Kink is exactly what the title says - the definitive guide to BDSM, role-play and the erotic edge. 

Showing You the Ropes is a lovely illustrated guide to bondage. It's ideal for beginners wanting to have fun safely - the illustrations are really helpful. And it's also suitable for the more experienced - you are bound to pick up some new ideas to try with your partner.

We've also found some great fun American bondage books - see below...

Don't forget to check out both of the two pages of books. 

Meantime, we'll be adding more books, but only the very best – watch this space!

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Corporal Punishment - printed version
The Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment is a delightful introduction to every aspect of erotic corpor…
Price: £9.99
Skin Two Fetish Fashion - Large Format Paperback Version
 Having published Skin Two magazine for many years, I have seen the cream of international fetish fashion photogr…
Price: £15.00
Best Bondage Erotica
Best Bondage Erotica Edited by Alison Tyler   One of the foremost writers of erotica today, Alison Tyler has ass…
Price: £11.99
The Dark Carnival. Portraits from the Endless Night
A unique and lavish photo album of London’s alternative nightlife scene, from punks through new romantics, goths, …
Price: £29.95
Sensual Distress 1 The Art of Steve Reno
Getting real flesh-and-blood girls to put up with awkward positions and too-tight ropes can get tiresome and - in some s…
Price: £6.99
Spanking Tails 3
The rounded cheek, the quivering flesh, the anticipation of the sharp and welcome smack, the delightful palm-on-buttock …
Price: £6.99


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