Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination

Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination

This useful book by Mistress Absolute is aimed at the beginner, who might be a bit daunted by all the more hardcore stuff available. It gives lots of practical and good humoured advice, examples and suggestions for the reader looking to enjoy BDSM fun and find out what works well for them.

Mistress Absolute, the author, is a lifestyle and professional dominatrix, well known internationally. She holds a Masters in gender, sexuality and culture and is often called on to be a spokesperson for the kink community. As well as training slaves, Mistress Absolute runs Club Subversion in London, co-ordinates London Fetish Weekend, helps run the kink travel company Domme Trips and performs at fetish events around the world. 
Mistress Absolute gives classes for couples and individuals interested in BDSM and fetish. Her book covers how to get started, a guide to being sub or dom, how to integrate this into your relationship, what equipment you need and suggestions for games and scenes to enact. 
Original full colour illustrations by Satine Phoenix, designed by Rachel May. A lovely gift for someone?
78 pages, 150 x 230 mm, paperback

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