The First Skin Two Rubber Ball

The First Skin Two Rubber Ball

This is the original video of the world’s first big international fetish ball. Over 2,000 people from around the world gathered at Hammersmith Palais in London. (A very long way over 2,000 actually, but the police were very nice and let us go way over the official limit...) 

It wasn’t just a fetish party - there was an art gallery, Dr Trudy Barber’s virtual reality setup, a Belgian sex machine, art installations, photo studios, etc., etc. Invented by Michelle Olley, the first Skin Two Rubber Ball made a load of money for charity and was the first public celebration of fetish glamour and fun.


This 1 hour video is digitised from the original VHS tape, so the quality is not up to modern hi-res standards, but it's not bad. We will send it to you as a download, anywhere in the world.


The video includes the fashion show, of course. That's still one of the best fetish fashion shows I have seen - and I have seen a lot of them. There are interviews, politics (this was around the time of the Operation Spanner trials) and the backstage story. There's even Right Said Fred - remember them?


This event, held in 1992, started the big international fetish events. Fetish Factory in Florida, Northbound in Toronto - this is where they all started. It's fetish history. The DVD is one for your collection…


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