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There are very few really good fetish/BDSM DVDs – the sort you'd really want to own. We are tracking down a few and we will add them to this section only if they are something we can really recommend for your collection.

The DVD that every fetish person with style should own is the Collector's Edition of Preaching to the Perverted, by the award winning Director, Stuart Urban. The stars include some of Britain's top actors, plus American lesbian fetish icon Guinevere Turner. There are loads of extra features on the Collectors Edition - see below.

The film we made ourselves, London Fetish Girls, is an hour and a half of stylish, erotic BDSM, featuring the most famous fetish girls from the London scene, with guest Emily Marilyn from Hollywood, acting out some of the most erotic scenes we love. Directed by Elizabeth Bennet, with an original music score by Mark Fielding, London Fetish Girls combines kinky sex with style. Check out the stills and description on the link below.

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