About Us

KFS was started by Tim Woodward, head of the famous fetish organisation, Skin Two. 

Tim founded Skin Two Magazine, the high quality, stylish fetish fashion news and nightlife glossy magazine, in 1984. He went on to set up Skin Two Clothing, publish several books, make a film (London Fetish Girls) and oversee Skin Two events in England, Australia and the USA.

KFS Media Ltd is a publishing company that specialises in alternative sexuality, including dominatrixes, transvestites, swingers, doggers, art, photography, fiction, bukkake, BMFC and erotica of all kinds.

What's special about KFS is that everything is done with style, intelligence and humour. We don't do pornography, we're inclusive not sexist, and we don't believe that you have to be young and pretty to enjoy your sexuality.

So, if you've got a brain, a sense of humour and appreciate style - and if you prefer to enjoy your sex on the kinky side - you've come to the right place...