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KFS Media is owned and run by specialists in the field of alternative sexuality, with over 27 years experience producing stylish, top quality books and magazines, covering fetish, BDSM, transvestism, dominatrixes, erotic art, photography, fiction and features etc.

We share your enthusiasm for kinky sex and we treat every order with care. We welcome payment via Visa and Mastercard. If they are not convenient for you, please contact me for direct payment information, using the contact button at the top of this page. If you have any other queries, please also contact me personally and I will be glad to help.

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We have Skin Two magazines in printed form - and downloads of the entire Skin Two back catalogue in PDF form. Read them on your iPad!  There are also some great DVDs - our own 'London Fetish Girls' and the classic 'Preaching to the Perverted' directed by Stuart Urban. Get these for your collection. We also have Marquis and Domination Directory International magazines - see the links on the left.  

We can post tyour order to you anywhere in the world, or you can download a PDF or EPUB or MOBI to read on your iPad, Kindle, PC or Mac, etc. (For an explanation of these formats, click on the digital formats link at the bottom of the page.)

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Tim Woodward, CEO

Latest Products

Skin Two Fetish Fashion
Having published Skin Two magazine for many years, I have seen the cream of international fetish fashion photography, wo…
Price: £8.99  
Domination Directory International issue 76
Domination Directory International is simply the world's leading guide to the very best dominatrixes. Established ov…
Price: £5.00  
Domination Directory International #73
Domination Directory International issue 73 is packed with ads from the very best dominant Mistresses acros the UK, USA,…
Price: £5.00  
Domination Directory International issue 78
Issue 78 of Domination Directory international has all the very latest contact information on the world's top domina…
Price: £5.00  
Domination Directory International issue 79
If you love dominant women and you would like a really reliable source to find the domme of your dreams, you need DDI. …
Price: £5.00  
Skin Two Magazine 66
Skin Two magazine issue 66 is the very last one we published.  Strong submissive women is our theme for this issue.…
Price: £5.00  
Skin Two Blindfold
One of the most useful toys is the blindfold. In a moment, you can be unable to see what’s happening to you. Your …
Price: £6.99  
KFS Magazine issue 1
KFS Magazine is something new, a magazine covering the wild and wonderful range of alternative sexuality with style, hum…
Price: £5.00  


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